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7/10/2014 - Spiro Scimone and Francesco Sframeli from 18th to 31st July in Taormina
The company celebrates Scimone Sframeli in Taormina, in the second half of July (July 18 to 31), the first 20 years of theatrical activity, the same place where he debuted with the Nuncio on August 20, 1994. A real "monograph" which want to remember the artistic partnership of Spiro Scimone author / actor and Francis Sframeli actor / director, both Messina and, to date, an example of the theater company that stages its repertoire of contemporary drama, over the years become a landmark in Italy and abroad. The monograph - dedicated to the world of theater and creative Sframeli Scimone - provides for the seven performances of the company's repertory (Nunzio, Bar, The Feast, The Courtyard, The envelope, Poles, Down) as evidence of a desire to read and study the their work twenty years starting from the Sicilian language and, gradually, it refines and extends beyond national borders. A crossing of the themes and characteristics of writing by Spiro Scimone, closely linked to his own interpretation on the scene and, therefore, to work as an actor and director Francis Sframeli.Un 'unique opportunity, which will allow viewers to learn, live and experience a creative work that is also "craft" (writing, interpretation, staging, listening), in a stream alive and always present. * A corollary of the monograph, on July 31 to the Historical Archives of Taormina, there is a meeting open to the public - with the participation of critics, scholars, translators and theater professionals - in a Comparative labor and the experience of company. An organic way to investigate the contemporary drama of the last 20 years (past tense), its status in today and throw him in the near future, extending the question to the circuits devoted to contemporary drama in a time of change and criticality. * The "L 'theatrical world of Spiro Scimone and Francesco Sframeli "is organized in collaboration with the Taormina Arte, in the form of" special event ", thanks to the support of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the identification of European funds and the proceeds of the ticket. Important support ERSU and the International Centre for the Study of Performing Arts "Universiteatrali" University of Messina Schedule - Congress Palace in Taormina Nunzio - Friday, July 18; 21.30 (b hall) Bar - Saturday, July 19; 21.30 (hall b) The party - Tuesday, July 22; 21.30 (hall b) The Courtyard - Wednesday, July 23; 21.30 (hall b) The envelope - Saturday, July 26; 21.30 (per room) Poles - Tuesday, July 29; 21.30 (per room) Down - Thursday, July 31; 21.30 (per room) * Tickets on sale at outlets and online Box Office and Ticket Direct www.boxol.itVendita Congress Palace in Taormina - tel. 0942 628730Previste also formulas subscriptions (package or browse for college students)