7/8/2015 - Taormina Arte 365
Ninni Panzera reveals that "the project is called" Taormina Arte 365 "'and points out that" the ambition is to be able to do the activities spread along the season. " Of course, to implement such a program will be available the churches and the Palazzo dei Congressi. And the total viability of the building, Panzera said he hoped that "can be used again at full capacity." The "Sinopoli Festival" at the Teatro greek collaborations with regional institutions - The ideas of the Taormina Arte Committee are four and move regardless of the delicate historical moment faced by the body. The spirit is unchanged and the desire is to make art in spite of everything. So the last weekend in May there will be the resumption of the "Sinopoli Festival" at the Teatro greek collaborations with regional institutions: the orchestras of the Teatro Massimo, Teatro Bellini, the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele, the Conservatory of Messina. "It's a way to embrace similar institutions in Taormina Arte and organize a great showcase in the name of Giuseppe Sinopoli." Yes, but with what funds can be achieved that? Ninni Panzera explains that "these days is a call out of the region of Sicily which allows for recurring events that have seniority over two years, to enter and be independently financed. Also the greek Theatre will give a return with the tickets, sponsors will do their part and then there will be the role of the tourism industry. " Moreover, as it regards the latter, Sinopoli and Tourism specialized music are a strong combination with specific references to the market such as England, Germany, Japan, Austria and the United States. It is "very specific tourist segments that can be intercepted and the period of May is the time of greatest tourist quality. Then there will be the opportunity to weave several factors for this project. "Trilogy Pirandello to cine-tourism - "The other idea, continues Panzera, is back to produce theater of operations and the hypothesis is to realize a trilogy of Pirandello. "The giants of the mountain", "Six Characters" and "Liolà" It will be three works that will be auctioned in the scene. In the history of Taormina Arte, the shows that have had the most success with audiences and critics, there were just "Six Characters" and "Liolà". So you can speak of the greatest Italian playwright, especially in Sicily. " The third challenge, however, is linked to the so-called cine-tourism, which is a circuit that can thrill to recall the places where was the setting for the novels which were inspired by the movie. The goal is to make the shows and "the proposed project for the next three years includes" The death of Enderlin "Etna," Horcynus Orca "set in the Strait of Messina and" I Malavoglia "Acitrezza". In this way it could be achieved "mini-circuit for the tourist ', which would in three years of the reference points very precise on the territory. Finally Ninni Panzera speaks of a permanent activity with the Puppet Theatre. The idea is to "make a Cavalleria Rusticana features with lyrics." Even in this case it would be a permanent tool for tourism. All four projects have a clear common thread that unites them: Challenging the market in the name of quality and planning. Present with early three-year project, in fact, it will be a major advantage for the tourism sector operating in the area. The originality, the link with the traditions and history of Taormina and Sicily are the key elements to create a consensus among the public and sponsors. "We are ready to meet the challenge and get going," said the secretary general Ninni Panzera. And in this period is great news.