7/14/2015 - On 26th August at the Ancient Theatre: Tinturia
A unique event organized by Taormina Arte and Videobank on August 26 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina  the Tinturia. Their musical style, which they labeled as "sbrong", is actually a fusion of diverse pop, rock, folk, ska, funk, rap and reggae. The group sees the light in 1996 in Raffadali, a town in the hinterland Agrigento. Their leader, singer and occasionally diamonicista is Lello Analfino. Their debut album record deal in 1999, Squatters (of necessity), gets success in Sicily thanks to the texts in the Sicilian language. The album includes a cover of Domenico Modugno, "The curly woman", with text adapted and translated in Sicilian. In 2011 the album was re-edited by the CNI. In 2002 they released the soundtrack for the film "Born tired" of Ficarra and Picone, through which they begin to be known across the strait. It's 2005 album Nobody is perfect (fortunately) published by Universal, where the Sicilian group now known historical and sings mainly in Italian and approach greatly to a musical style more typical rock. This work was followed in 2007 by the CD I'm here recorded live during the tour of the DS in 2005. In 2008 the band released the album Tinturia Of sea and of amuri; the first single is "I Do not Know", immediately turned on all radio stations nationwide and broadcast networks in major music television Italian. In 2014 announced through social networks the release of a new album entitled Precarious, the first single from the eponymous album is released on iTunes.