8/14/2015 - The plectrum orchestra City of Taormina together the Tinturia on the stage of the Ancient Theatre
On August 26 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina: the Tinturia, a unique event, to celebrate the marriage that lasts for ten years between Taormina Arte and Videobank, excellence of Sicilian born twenty years ago. Precarious continues the tour of the Sicilian group that sees the light in 1996 in Raffadali, a town in the hinterland Agrigento. Their leader, singer and occasionally diamonicista, Lello Analfino is thrilling the hearts of many with Cocciu of amuri, text written for the film by Ficarra and Picone We go to hell. Their musical style, which they labeled as "sbrong", is actually a diverse fusion of pop, rock, folk, ska, funk, rap and reggae. Their last album produced by Roy Paci, that in fact the title also in the tour, is getting a resounding success so as to splash at the top of the standings iTunes. Seven new songs for Analfino and his band who present to the public in a renewed. "Precarious - says Lello Analfino - is reported to work, but it is an excuse to talk about a world that is unstable as a whole: from the food we eat, the operating system we use. From the culture, the land we walk on." It would seem a rather negative message and the music of Tinturia has a great desire for redemption. "Just because everything is precarious we have to take the best of everything knowing that maybe tomorrow there may be no more." A unique event said on stage at the Teatro Antico to accompany the group in some of the historic Sicilian serenade fact even the plectrum orchestra City of Taormina, the flagship of the musical tradition of plucked instruments like guitars, mandolins and mandolins that create a particular sound. Info: Taormina Arte 0942 21142 Tickets: www.boxol.it; all outlets Boxoffice (095 7225340)