8/27/2015 - Success for the concert of Tinturia
Great success for the concert Tinturia last night (August 26) for the first time in the Teatro Antico of Taormina with the special participation of the Orchestra plectrum City of Taormina. The concert for all ticket holders will be reviewed today (27 August) on the official website of the historic Sicilian group, on the site of Videobank, excellence of Sicilian born exactly twenty years ago on the site of Taormina Arte organizer of the evening. The experiment unique allow many fans, through the code of the ticket in their possession, to view and download the entire concert and affected all the best-known songs of the historical group of Raffadali, a town in the hinterland Agrigento. Their leader, singer and occasionally diamonicista, Lello Analfino has touched the hearts of many present with Cocciu of amuri, text written for the film by Ficarra and Picone We go to hell. Their successes labeled music "sbrong", a fusion of diverse pop, rock, folk, ska, funk, rap and reggae, have thrilled the large audience came from all over Sicily but also from Italy and abroad.