9/7/2015 - To Margherita Buy Cariddi Award 2015
To Margherita Buy Cariddi Prize 2015 awarded by the National Syndicate of Film Critics . " In the face and in his eyes you mix a touch of melancholy and a touch of irony . And this strange mix is the secret of the artistic charm , and not only , Margherita Buy . A kind of gift of nature , which , combined with a very serious professional preparation , gained at the Academy of Dramatic Arts , and an ethical conscience of the trade, has allowed her to express feelings sometimes inexpressible and propose authentic characters , even when on paper appeared sketchy or overly rough . " With this the official reason SNCCI awarded Margherita Buy considering it " the best actress expressed by the Italian cinema over the past thirty years . " the Prize Charybdis is delivered both during the Festival of Taormina during Venice International Film Festival .