6/30/2016 - Taormina Arte alongside Digitraining Plus
Taormina Arte alongside Digitraining Plus, an initiative with which MEDIA Salles from the European film industry operators in 2004 accompanies conversion to digital, now in its tredicesina Edition just in Taormina (June 29-July 3 Congress building). Sino Caracappa Sicily, Vice-President of ANEC, presented the situation of the cinema exhibition in this region, which has 260 screens, pointing out that nearly half of them have been digitized thanks to public contribution and calling for the opening of new salt at locations that, despite having a relatively large number of inhabitants, without. These new openings targeted could allow to Sicily, which accounts for nearly 10% of the Italian population, to increase the number of its viewers, who prowls today around 5% of the national total. On the production side, the movie "waiting" has opened the exhibition organized at the Congress Hall of Taormina on the occasion of the DigiTraining 2016. As pointed out in her introduction, the five Salviano Miceli works chosen for this event, while different in their genres and styles, have in common the confrontation and dialogue with the territory that hosts them. The time of sharing began with the presentation of the participants and their activities in different contexts, spanning the countries of Northern Europe, the territories of Central and Eastern Europe, up to major markets like Italy, France, overlooking the Mediterranean, Spain, continues with a more informal dinner that, after full immersion in the reality-based film is sure to be Sicilian "delicatessen".