6/30/2016 - The prizes of the 70 years of tapes Sabrina Ferilli, Marco D'Amore, Giuseppe Fiorello, Leo Gullotta
RIBBONS IN TAORMINA: THE PRIZES OF 70 YEARS> Sabrina Ferilli and Marco D'Amore for the commitment on social issues> Leo Gullotta thirty years from tape to Camorrista Tornatore> And to the exciting interpretation of the summer was> the Falcone and Borsellino Massimo Popolizio and Giuseppe Fiorello> Saturday cinema and great football with the award ceremony at the Teatro Antico> the evening show on Channel 23 July 6 by a special advance on Rai Movie>> Rome June 29 - Tapes of 70 years to Sabrina Ferilli, Marco d'Amore, Leo Gullotta and Massimo Popolizio and Giuseppe Fiorello, exciting Falcone and Borsellino in the Fiorella Infascelli film was summer. > To them, next Saturday, July 2, on the stage of the Teatro Antico of Taormina will be awarded special prizes of this edition that celebrates an important anniversary by adding the rated tapes of 100 journalists several special awards.>> The first goes to Sabrina Ferilli to the special value of his performance in you and I by Maria Sole Tognazzi, with which, not only symbolically, intervened on a social issue of great relevance, that of civil unions, even before the approval of Cirinnà law. >> A Marco D'Amore tape 70 for the lead role, and also co-author of the subject that has engaged the first in the work of Francesco Ice A safe place, a small protest film devoted to the case Eternit. >> Belt of the 70 years Leo Gullotta - who shares this year's birthday with Film Journalists - remembering thirty years after the award won by Giuseppe Tornatore's first film, of which he was the protagonist: The Camorra, then reported right from the tapes in Taormina. >> As already announced, finally, will be honored at the Teatro Antico also Massimo Popolizio and Giuseppe Fiorello, for their exciting interpretation of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in the private gaze, shared with director Fiorella Infascelli It was in the summer, on the days of the their 'exile' forced all'Asinara, with family, with very private feelings and passion civil, waiting for the card to prepare the maxi-trial against the Mafia.>> Ribbons of 70 years, with special attention to social issues, were I decided by the Executive of the Union which has made them realize reproducing in a special edition of the awards of the first edition when, in 1946, the debut of the award, is pinned like brooches on the lapel or sull'abito evening. > So they got them right in the Roman evening of July '46 Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica then, rewarded for a political cinema expressing values ​​immediately become part of the story, not only of the Italian cinema. >> The awards will be presented in Taormina next Saturday, 2 July, as always at the Ancient Theatre in an evening which then will air, deferred, by the Sngci, with the television directed by Giovanni Caccamo, on RAI (and in world thanks to Rai Italy) in the late evening on July 23, in advance, immediately after the evening of Taormina, from the 6 Rai Movie>> RIBBONS SILVER 2016> national cultural prize, the BELT SILVER, quest ' 70.ma year to year, are a production of SNGCI - Italian National Syndicate of film Journalists - organized with the support of MiBACT, Ministry of heritage and Culture and Tourism- Directorate-general for the cinema, main sponsor BNL-BNP Paribas Group - of some institutional partners: the Lazio Region under the patronage and support of the Roma Lazio Film Commission in Rome, the Sicilian Region, Department of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment, Sicily Film Commission, part of the "Contemporary Senses" .Sponsor private 2016: PORSCHE, HAMILTON, PERSOL, Shiseido, WELLA, BLUE RIBBON. With the collaboration and PARISI THE BARONESS (Taormina).