6/28/2016 - Nino Manfredi Award to Carlo Verdone e Antonio Albanese
The homage of the Silver Ribbon to Nino Manfredi back at the Greek Theatre for the fourth time. It is an initiative of SNGCI shared with family and especially with Nino's wife, Erminia, who in his hometown has welcomed, with great enthusiasm, the Union proposal to deliver a prize in the name of Nino. The ' Manfredi ' already has awarded Giuseppe Fiorello, Marco Giallini, Lillo and Greg, Paola Cortellesi, and many more.Premio Roma ' Nino Manfredi > ' to Carlo Verdone and Antonio Albanese comic couple of the year in the film written and directed by Verdone and played together we did it. Delivery next Saturday, July 2, on the prestigious stage of the ancient theatre in Taormina on which will March the best Italian film in an evening already memorable: the winners of the special awards and Ribbons of this edition that celebrates a big birthday will, in fact, the ancient theatre, the big European football with Italy's – Germany before delivery of the prizes.